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singing his weird chant to the spirits, voices from
above are heard; voices which seem to emanate
from the opening away up at the top of the big
medicine-teepee. As every one can sees there is
nothing up there but the night air and the stars
above. Where these voices come from no Indian
has ever been able to explain. But5 according to
the mediclne-man5 they are the voices of the
spirits—the spirits with whom he is trying to get
In touch. The mystery of it Is that no one has
ever been able to prove that they were anything

These voices speak in a language which we can-
not understand. Even the medicine-man cannot
understand most of them. All he can say Is that
they are speaking in foreign tongues, and that
they are not the spirits that he wants. There were
only four spirits whom our medicine-man White
Dog could understand* I remember the name of
only one of them, and that was 'First White
Man5. And that name had been with our medi-
cine-men for years before our tribe knew that
there was a white man on this earth*

As these voices keep chattering down into the
lodge., the medicine-man rejects them one by one,
and continues to ask for one of the four spirits
whom he can understand. Sometimes It takes
him many minutes to do this, I remember one
or two times when he could not get hold of one